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Ticket Collection at Gatwick Express Machines and Offices

Ticket on Departure (TOD) for pre-paid ticket collection from ticket machines and offices.

Customers now have the added benefit to collect train tickets purchased from our website or the internet from any of our Self-Service Ticket Vending Machines or from any of our manned ticket offices.

For purchases made online, please make sure you specify the station that you will be collecting the tickets from and also allow up to 2 hours from time of purchase before collection.

Ticket collection is available from Gatwick Airport and London Victoria stations. For stations on the Southern network please view the Southern station information. Please be aware that some stations are unmanned in the afternoon and do not have a Ticket Vending Machine so please plan your collection accordingly.

Gatwick Airport

London Victoria

Southern station information

Please follow the steps below when collecting tickets from machines:

  • Step 1:  On the opening screen select “collect” from the touch screen graphic
  • Step 2:  You will be prompted to enter a debit/credit card (this needs to be the one you booked online with). You will also be asked to remove your card before proceeding. Do not walk away from the machine at this time as your tickets will be printed shortly after you remove your card.
  • Step 3:  Once a keyboard appears on screen please enter your unique customer ticket reference number (this will be found on your booking confirmation after a successful purchase on-line).

Your ticket/s will then be dispensed into the collection tray below the screen.

Please ensure that you have collected all tickets, reservations and receipts before walking away from the ticket machine.

For ticket collection from a manned ticket office:

  • Step 1:  Present a credit/debit card (this needs to be the card you booked online with) 
  • Step 2: The ticket office clerk will ask you for your unique customer ticket reference number, (this will be found on your booking confirmation after a successful purchase on-line).
  • Step 3: Your tickets will be printed and you will be asked to sign a confirmation of collection receipt

Please check that all tickets, reservations and receipts have been issued to you before walking away from the ticket office.

If things go wrong:

  • What happens if the ticket office is closed and the Self-Service Ticket Vending Machine is out of order?

    You will have to purchase a ticket from the conductor on the train to take you to your next interchange station or destination. Bring your Customer Ticket Reference number and credit/debit card to the ticket office to collect your tickets and hand in the ticket/s purchased for a refund.
  • What if my Customer Ticket Reference is not found on the Ticket Vending Machine or at the ticket office?

    You must allow at least 2 hours from the time you have booked your tickets to the time you collect. If the tickets are still not available by then you will have to contact the website you made the purchase from.
  • What if I do not have the credit/debit card that was used to make the original purchase?

    You can collect your tickets using any credit/debit card along with your ticket booking reference.
  • I have put my card into the Self-Service Ticket Vending Machine and no tickets have come out?

    The Self-Service Ticket Vending Machine will ask you to remove your card and will then proceed to issue your tickets. This can take up to 30 seconds so please do not walk away from the machine too soon. If no tickets have been issued, try the machine again. If you still have no tickets then see a member of staff at the ticket office for assistance.
  • What do I do if I my credit/debit card used to purchase my tickets was lost / stolen / broken?

    You can use any credit or debit card to collect your reservation.