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Our environmentally friendly service

Why is rail travel a better choice for the environment?

Throughout the world rail transport is recognised as an environmentally friendly form of transport.

Energy consumption

Did you know that rail transport is one of the most energy efficient modes of transport? In fact, greenhouse gas emissions per passenger kilometre for rail transport is up to five times less than that of car transport.


Gatwick Express moves around 15,000 people in a day. A single Gatwick Express train has up to 672 seats (based on a 12 carriage formation).

What does it take to move just 150 people?

1/5 of a train or just 2 carriages
4 buses
Anywhere from 40 to 150 cars

This would then require 1 hectare of parking space in central London or at Gatwick Airport which is equivalent to 2 football fields.

The external costs of rail in terms of noise, air pollution, accidents, infrastructure deterioration and congestion are much lower than using your private vehicle.

Rail transport is safer than road per passenger kilometre.

You not only benefits environmentally when you choose Gatwick Express. It also provides with:

  • A relaxing form of transport to travel between central London and Gatwick Airport
  • A very time efficient and frequent form of transport to travel (30 mins every 15 mins)
  • Relief from rising fuel and parking costs
  • A decrease in road congestion and traffic noise. Gatwick Express is non-stop from the heart of London direct to the airport terminal.

Our responsibility

Gatwick Express recognises its own responsibility to protect the environment and to operate in a sustainable manner. We continue to develop a company committed to a sustainable future that works innovatively to reduce our impact on the environment and supports our customers to do this as well.

How you can help

When you choose to travel by rail rather than by road, you are instantly making a personal contribution to minimise the impact on our environment. And every contribution counts, no matter how small. Be sure to encourage others to travel by train also.