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National Rail Conditions of Travel

When you buy a ticket to travel on the National Rail Network you enter into an agreement with the Train Companies whose trains you have the right to use. That agreement gives you the right to make the journey or journeys between the stations or within the zones shown on the ticket you have bought. These Conditions are also part of that agreement and they apply to all domestic (non-international) journeys by scheduled passenger trains of the Train Companies on the National Rail Network.

It is a condition of the Passenger Licence granted to each Train Company by the Office of Rail Regulation that these Conditions apply to tickets sold for journeys involving its services and those of other Train Companies. There is a list of the Train Companies at

These Conditions set out your rights and any restrictions to those rights. The Train Companies may give you more extensive rights than those set out in these Conditions and, if they do so, these may be found in each Train Company's Passenger's Charter or other publications. Details of where you can find this information will be available when you buy your ticket. The Train Companies may not give you less extensive rights, except in the case of some types of reduced and discounted fare tickets where the relevant condition(s) specifically allow them to do so. These Conditions set out the minimum level of rights you are entitled to expect.

A Train Company's ticket sales staff will give advice about tickets, and any restrictions concerning their use, on an impartial basis unless the point of sale is dedicated to the sale of one Train Company's tickets.

Please click on the following link to download a PDF version of the National Rail Conditions of Travel

pdf icon National Rail Conditions of Travel (724kb)

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